Client Testimonials

Bill R., Business Consultant

“Gary's story, and the work he does, is deeply moving.  You can't listen to him and not be inspired and even changed by him.  We can respond by withdrawing inward or, like Gary, we can respond by asking how to use those circumstances to make the lives of others better.  That was two years ago, and I've never forgotten.”

Jennifer P., PhD, CSU-Sacramento Professor

"During the past five years I have been fortunate enough for Gary to come and speak ... as a core class for students in the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration.

Hands down, Gary is consistently the favorite guest speaker and truly leaves an impact on each one of the students in class, allowing them to walk away from the lecture with a stronger foundation and understanding of disability issues individuals currently face.  Gary's humor and ability to share his personal journey is both powerful and insightful."


Desiree M., Elementary School Teacher

"I first heard Gary speak as a student during my Teacher Credential Program.  His story brought tears to my eyes and many smiles to my face.  So two years later, when I was having problems with bullying and name calling in my 5th grade classroom, I immediately thought of Gary and his endearing message.  

Gary enthusiastically agreed to speak to my 5th graders.  I watched my student's faces and emotions change from fear, anxiety, guilt, embarrassment, to compassion and understanding.  The days and weeks following Gary's visit lead to many discussions about how students treated each other.  

Gary helped many students realize that bullying is unfair and can be very hurtful.  I noticed the bullying lessened and the use of words like "retard" or "dummy" weren't heard as much.  Gary has an unique way of exploring feelings and helps his audiences, of any age, confront common prejudices many people have."

Mary Tarczy, Event Coordinator