Hiring Gary to Speak

One of the biggest concerns people have when they consider booking Gary is if their audience will be able to understand him with his speech impediment.

Our response is most definitely! Within seconds of hearing Gary speak your audience will be able to tune in to Gary's voice and understand him. He has spoken at hundreds of group events, and audiences quickly become completely captivated by both Gary and his message. Gary's speech impediment accentuates his message and people worldwide have been incredibly moved by what he says.

Gary speaks regularly in Sacramento, California and the surrounding area.  Gary also loves to travel and is happy to travel to your location. If you have any questions about booking Gary or learning more about his travel needs or accommodations, please contact us today.

Gary's speaking fees are competitive with other mainstream speakers. Fees are variable and based on the venue and audience. For more information or to book Gary today, contact our team


Gary-puppyGary has spoken extensively at schools for students of all ages. He uses humor and a frank acknowledgment of his physical differences to captivate and engage audiences both young and old. Gary can speak with small groups in classroom settings, or entire schools in assemblies. His unique life story is an encouragement to kids struggling with bullying, fitting in, being different, and all the difficulties of growing up.

Gary uses his physical disability and his speech impediment to command attention and captivate his audience. Children and adults are able to tune in with him immediately, and they understand implicitly that he is someone with a big heart and a lot of life experience. Gary is someone who has triumphed over his circumstances to live a big life, full of amazing experiences. His story will encourage students and educators alike.

Some topic ideas include:

  • Bullying
  • Special Education/Mainstreaming
  • Inclusion
  • Suicide Prevention
  • & More!

Contact us today to book Gary to come speak with your students or educators!


community eventWhen you are looking to inspire or motivate, Gary is an incredible speaker to bring to your community group! He can deliver moving commencement speeches at universities. He can talk to your parenting group about how to handle bullying with your kids. He can even entertain and inspire at your local Chamber events!

Some community venues include:

  • Banquets
  • Chamber of Commerce Events
  • Graduation Commencement Ceremonies
  • Parenting Groups
  • Workshops

Contact us today to book Gary for your community event!

Corporate & Government

corporateGary’s unique life story and experiences in the business world have given him a wealth of knowledge in the area of diversity training. He’s worked with business and government entities to train their staff, meeting both state and federal mandates. 

The Diversity Training Seminar is designed to help bridge the gap in any organization consisting of people with diverse backgrounds.  This results-oriented class teaches practical techniques that will improve the organization's entire productivity.

Gary also offers a Personal Enrichment Seminar that can be tuned to the exact needs of your organization, providing insights into truly living beyond one's circumstances.

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class settingGary is an incredible speaker for your church, ministry conference, youth group or camp. His own faith journey is an important part of who he is, and he loves sharing that with people of all ages! 

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Recent Engagements

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CSU Sacramento

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