Growing Up Gary

In my early years of life – before preschool – I remember distinctly feeling no different physically than anybody else in my family. While I was born with Cerebral Palsy and need a wheelchair to get around, I have no recollection of being aware of my limitations when compared to others. I was just me.

That vantage point quickly changed my first day in school when I was greeted with an entourage of stares and snickers from other kids.   came home crying and asked my mom what was wrong with me.  She explained that they just never saw anyone like me before.

It took me a while to process that what I saw as an accepted normalcy, others saw as a weird oddity. Ever since I can remember I have always tried to look deeper into a person, finding their beautiful qualities inside.  I have never felt limited because of my disability, even when imposing limits are placed upon me by others.

It is my passion and quest in life to help others see that many of the limits we place upon ourselves, or that are placed upon us, are just a false sense of reality. This is why I enjoy speaking so much. I love to encourage and inspire others to live their lives with unlimited bounds. It gives me no greater pleasure than to have people come up to me after I speak with tears in their eyes to say I gave them hope and a new perspective on life. That is what I live for.

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