Getting My Nails Done

Okay.  I’m certain that this blog’s title has got a variety of reactions, so let me perfectly clear: I am NOT one to go into a nail salon to “pretty up” his nails.  I am a pragmatic realist though.  I simply cannot cut my toenails.  If I were to try, the result would surely end in…

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Do you want to hurt me?

I was invited to speak to an elementary school in northern California that had major issues with bullying.  Bullying has gotten worse over the years, and many schools are at a loss knowing how to deal with this issue.  I was a high school teacher myself, and understand the complexities and detriments bullying can have…

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Growing Up Gary

In my early years of life – before preschool – I remember distinctly feeling no different physically than anybody else in my family. While I was born with Cerebral Palsy and need a wheelchair to get around, I have no recollection of being aware of my limitations when compared to others. I was just me.…

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